Who We Are…

Dad Bod Pop Punk has arrived!

Weekend Rage are a pop-punk 4 piece from the rough Western suburbs of Adelaide, where they grew their instantly recognisable angsty and grungy sound. A group of hard hitters known for their electric live shows, these dad-bod-bearing rascals continue to surprise audiences around the scene with catchy, foot-tapping, rhythmic goodness and lyrics which have a tendency to hit a little too close to home.

Comprising long-time mates Daniel Ninnes (lead vocals, guitar), Will Braund (lead guitar), Jacob Nigon (bass) and Sam Eacott on the drums, Weekend Rage really know how to get the party going and keep the energy high.

From opening the 2023 Wayville edition of Groovin The Moo to playing sold out shows at some of Adelaide’s biggest venues like The Gov, Adelaide Uni Bar, and The Crown & Anchor, they have become one of the few ‘go to’ bands to catch on a weekend. Whether you’re in the grocery store, at your Nan’s house, or in the pit, Weekend Rage will have you cranking their head-banging tunes ‘til the early morning.